ModelVersionSet Properties

The ModelVersionSet object has a number of properties that you can be update. When the properties in a ModelVersionSet object are updated, the model version set in the model catalog are not automatically updated. You must call the .update() method to commit the changes.

The properties that you can be update are:

  • compartment_id: The OCID of the compartment that the model version set belongs to.

  • description: A description of the models in the collection.

  • freeform_tags: A dictionary of string values.

  • name: Name of the model version set.

  • project_id: The OCID of the data science project that the model version set belongs to.

The following demonstrates how to update these values of a model version set using the various API interfaces:

Parameter-based Pattern

mvs = ModelVersionSet.from_id(id="<model_version_set_id>")
mvs.compartement_id = os.environ["PROJECT_COMPARTMENT_OCID"]
mvs.description = "An updated description"
mvs.freeform_tags = {'label_1': 'value 1', 'label_2': 'value 2'}
mvs.name = "new_set_name"
mvs.project_id = os.environ["PROJECT_OCID"]

Builder Pattern

mvs = ModelVersionSet.from_id(id="<model_version_set_id>")
mvs = (mvs.with_compartment_id(os.environ["PROJECT_COMPARTMENT_OCID"])
          .with_description("An updated description")
          .with_freeform_tags(label_1="value 1", label_2="value 2")

Version Label

The version label is associated with the model, and not the model version set. To change the version label, you must have a Model object. Then, you can change the version_label for the registered model.

The following example gets a registered Model object by model’s OCID. Then, the object updates the version label property.

from ads.model import LightGBMModel

lgbm_model = LightGBMModel.from_id(