The .list_deployments() method of the ModelDeployer class returns a list of ModelDeployment objects. The optional compartment_id parameter limits the search to a specific compartment. By default, it uses the same compartment that the notebook is in. The optional status parameter limits the returned ModelDeployment objects to those model deployments that have the specified status. Values for the status parameter would be ‘ACTIVE’, ‘INACTIVE’, or ‘FAILED’.

The code snippet obtains a list of active deployments in the compartment specified by compartment_id, and prints the display name.

from ads.model.deployment import ModelDeployer

deployer = ModelDeployer()
for active in deployer.list_deployments(status="ACTIVE", compartment_id=compartment_id):


The .show_deployments() method is a helper function that works the same way as the .list_deployments() method except it returns a dataframe of the results.

from ads.model.deployment import ModelDeployer

deployer = ModelDeployer()
deployer.show_deployments(compartment_id=compartment_id, status="ACTIVE")
model_id deployment_url current_state
0 ocid1.datasciencemodeldeployment..&l;tunique_ID> ACTIVE