The ModelDeploymentProperties class is a container to store model deployment properties. String properties are set using the .with_prop() method. You use it to assemble properties such as the display name, project OCID, and compartment OCID. The .with_access_log() and .with_predict_log() methods define the logging properties. Alternatively, you could use the .with_logging_configuration() helper method to define the predict and access log properties using a single method. The .with_instance_configuration() method defines the instance shape, count, and bandwidth. Initializing ModelDeploymentProperties requires a model_id or model_uri. The model_id is the model OCID from the model catalog.

from ads.model.deployment import ModelDeploymentProperties

model_deployment_properties = ModelDeploymentProperties(
    'display_name', "Model Deployment Demo using ADS"
    "project_id", "<PROJECT_OCID>"
    "compartment_id", "<COMPARTMENT_OCID>"
    config={"INSTANCE_SHAPE":"VM.Standard2.1", "INSTANCE_COUNT":"1",'bandwidth_mbps':10}

Alternatively, you could specify a model_uri instead of a model_id. The model_uri is the path to the directory containing the model artifact. This can be a local path or the URI of Object Storage. For example, oci://your_bucket@your_namespace/path/to/dir.

model_deployment_properties = ModelDeploymentProperties(


The ModelDeployment class has a number of attributes that provide information about the deployment. The properties attribute contains information about the model deployment’s properties that are related to the information that is stored in the model’s ModelDeploymentProperties object. This object has all of the attributes of the Data Science model deployment model. The most commonly used properties are:

  • category_log_details: A model object that contains the OCIDs for the access and predict logs.

  • compartment_id: Compartment ID of the model deployment.

  • created_by: OCID of the user that created the model deployment.

  • defined_tags: System defined tags.

  • description: Description of the model deployment.

  • display_name: Name of the model that is displayed in the Console.

  • freeform_tags: User-defined tags.

  • model_id: OCID of the deployed model.

  • project_id: OCID of the project the model deployment belongs to.

To access these properties use the .properties accessor on a ModelDeployment object. For example, to determine the OCID of the project that a model deployment is associated with, use the command: