ads.opctl.conda package


ads.opctl.conda.cli module

ads.opctl.conda.cmds module

ads.opctl.conda.cmds.create(**kwargs) str[source]
ads.opctl.conda.cmds.install(**kwargs) None[source]
ads.opctl.conda.cmds.publish(**kwargs) None[source]

ads.opctl.conda.multipart_uploader module

class ads.opctl.conda.multipart_uploader.MultiPartUploader(source_file: str, dst_uri: str, parts: int, oci_config: str | None = None, oci_profile: str | None = None, auth_type: str | None = None)[source]

Bases: object

Class that implements multipart uploading for conda packs.

Initialize the class.

  • source_file (str) – path to conda pack file

  • dst_uri (str) – path to destination of object storage location

  • parts (int) – number of parts

  • oci_config (str, optional) – path to oci config file, by default None

  • oci_profile (str, optional) – oci profile to use, by default None

  • auth_type (str) – authentication method, by default None

upload(opc_meta: Dict | None = None) bool[source]

Uploading a conda pack to object storage.


opc_meta (Dict, optional) – metadata dictionary, by default None


whether uploading was successful

Return type:



RuntimeError – Uploading failed

ads.opctl.conda.pack module

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