ads.common.function package


ads.common.function.fn_util module

ads.common.function.fn_util.generate_fn_artifacts(path: str, fn_name: str | None = None, fn_attributes=None, artifact_type_generic=False, **kwargs)[source]
Generates artifacts for fn ( at the provided path -

  • func.yaml

  • requirements.txt if not there. If exists appends fdk to the file.


  • path (str) – Target folder where the artifacts are placed.

  • fn_attributes (dict) – dictionary specifying all the function attributes as described in

  • artifact_type_generic (bool) – default is False. This attribute decides which template to pick for If True, it is assumed that the code to load is provided by the user.

ads.common.function.fn_util.get_function_config() dict[source]

Returns dictionary loaded from func_conf.yaml

ads.common.function.fn_util.prepare_fn_attributes(func_name: str, schema_version=20180708, version=None, python_runtime=None, entry_point=None, memory=None) dict[source]

Workaround for collections.namedtuples. The defaults are not supported.

ads.common.function.fn_util.write_score(path, **kwargs)[source]

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