What Are Operators

Operators are a suite of pre-packaged solutions designed to address a wide range of data science needs. They offer a user-friendly, low-code interface, making data science tasks accessible to users with varying levels of expertise. Domain experts can leverage and extend operators to encapsulate their domain-specific knowledge. Data Scientists and AI Engineers can focus on customizing the data and modeling parameters, and allow the Operator to handle the more mundane tasks: ETL, data cleaning, OCI AI Platform integration, report generation, explainability, and more.

Key Characteristics of Operators

  • No Domain Expertise Required: You don’t need to be a domain expert to use an operator. Each operator is equipped with all the necessary domain-specific knowledge, eliminating the need for specialized expertise.

  • Configuration Options: For domain experts who want to fine-tune the operator’s behavior, key configuration settings are available. These settings allow you to customize the operator to suit your specific needs.

  • Default Settings: Operators come with default configurations that encapsulate domain-specific information. This ensures that users can get started quickly, even without making customizations.

  • Versatile Deployment: Operators can be executed in a variety of environments, including OCI Data Science Jobs, OCI Data Flow Applications, Kubernetes (K8s), and locally. This flexibility allows you to choose the environment that best suits your requirements.

  • CLI Tool for Easy Deployment: To simplify the deployment process across different environments, we provide a user-friendly CLI (Command Line Interface) tool. This tool streamlines the setup and execution of operators, making it easier for you to harness their power regardless of where you choose to run them.

Whether working in the cloud or locally, operators offer a performant and customizable solution for software engineers, data scientists, and domain experts alike.