Build Development Container ImageΒΆ

To setup an environment that matches OCI Data Science, a container image must be built. With a Data Science compatible container image you can do the following -

  • Build and Publish custom conda packs that can be used within Data Science environment. Enable building conda packs in your CICD pipeline.

  • Install an existing conda pack that was published from an OCI Data Science Notebook.

  • Develop code locally against the same conda pack that will be used within an OCID Data Science image.


  1. Install docker on your workstation

  2. Internet connection to pull dependencies

  3. If the access is restricted through proxy -
    • Setup proxy environment variables https_proxy, https_proxy and no_proxy

    • For Linux Workstation - update proxy variables in docker.service file and restart docker

    • For mac - update proxy setting in the docker desktop

  4. ADS cli is installed. Check CLI Installation section here

Build a container image with name ml-job

ads opctl build-image job-local