Dask dashboard

Dask dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of the tasks. It gives you a real time view of the resource usage, task status, number of workers, task distribution, etc. To learn more about Dask dashboard refer this link.


  1. IP address of the Main/Scheduler Node. Use ads opctl distributed-training show-config or find the IP address from the logs of the main job run.

  2. The default port is 8787. You can override this port in cluster/main/config/startOptions in the cluster definition file.

  3. Allow ingress to the port 8787 in the security list associated with the Subnet of Main/Scheduler node.

The dashboard is accessible over <SCHEDULER_IP>:8787. The IP address may not always be accessible from your workstation especially if you are using a subnet which is not connected to your corporate network. To overcome this, you could setup a bastion host on the private regional subnet that was added to the jobrun and create an ssh tunnel from your workstation to bastion host to the Job Run instance with <SCHEDULER_IP>

Bastion Host

Here are the steps to setup a Bastion host to allow you to connect to the scheduler dashboard -

  1. Launch a compute instance (Linux or Windows) with primary vnic with a public subnet or the subnet that is connected to your corporate network.

  2. Attach a secondary VNIC on the subnet used for starting the cluster. Follow the steps detailed here on how to setup and configure the host to setup the secondary VNIC.

  3. Create a public IP if you need access to the dashboard over the internet.

Linux instance

If you setup a Linux instance, you can create ssh tunnel from your workstation and access the scheduler dashboard from your workstation at localhost:8787. To setup ssh tunnel -

ssh -i <oci-instance-key>.key <ubuntu or opc>@<instance-ip> L 8787:<scheduler jobrun-ip>:8787

If you are using proxy, use this command -

ssh -i <oci-instance-key>.key <ubuntu or opc>@<instance-ip> -o “ProxyCommand=nc -X connect -x $http_proxy:$http_port %h %p” -L 8787:<scheduler jobrun-ip>:8787

Windows instance

RDP to the Windows instance and access the dashboard using <SCHEDULER_IP>:8787 from a browser running within the Windows instance.