Installing the PII OperatorΒΆ

The PII Operator can be installed from PyPi.

python3 -m pip install "oracle_ads[pii]==2.9"

After that, the Operator is ready to go!

In order to run on a job, you will need to create and publish a conda pack with oracle_ads[pii] installed. The simplest way to do this is from a Notebook Session, running the following commands:

odsc conda create -n ads_pii -e
conda activate /home/datascience/conda/ads_pii_v1_0
python3 -m pip install "oracle-ads[pii]==2.9"
odsc conda publish -s /home/datascience/conda/ads_pii_v1_0

Ensure that you have properly configured your conda pack namespace and bucket in the Launcher -> Settings -> Object Storage Settings. For more details, see ADS Conda Set Up